FY2016 AP and FY2017 First Quarter (10/21/2016)

Comptroller letterhead

October 21, 2016

Honorable Karen E. Spilka, Chair
Senate Committee on Ways and Means
State House – Room 212
Boston, MA  02133

Honorable Brian S. Dempsey, Chair
House Committee on Ways and Means 
State House – Room 243
Boston, MA  02133

Dear Senator Spilka and Representative Dempsey:

As required by Section 2 Chapter 46 of the Acts of 2015 and Chapter 133 of the Acts of 2016, the Office of the Comptroller is submitting these accounts payable BFY2016 and first quarter BFY2017, as of September 30, 2016, reports on “Settlements and Judgments” to the House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means.

The attached reports contain information regarding payments, by department, of settlements and judgments from appropriation account 1599-3384.

The total spent during the accounts payable period of BFY2016, from 1599-3384, was $2,327,614 and the total spent during the first quarter of BFY2017 was $159,294.

In summary: 

In BFY2016, $14,506,260 was appropriated to the settlement and judgment account (1599-3384).  A total of $14,210,920 was spent through the accounts payable period of BFY2016.

Total Amount Available FY2016       $14,506,260   
Expended in Previous Quarters


Expended in the Accounts Payable Period


09/30/2016 Balance

$      295,341


In BFY2017, $2,000,000 was appropriated to the settlement and judgment account (1599-3384).  A total of $159,294 was spent during the first quarter.

Total Amount Available FY2017       $  2,000,000   
Expended in the First Quarter


9/30/2016 Balance

$  1,840,706


As of the date of this letter for FY17 $941,500.75 remains in account 1599-3384.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything further.


Thomas G. Shack III, Esq.
Comptroller of the Commonwealth



cc:        Kristen Lepore, Secretary, Executive Office for Administration and Finance
            Adriana Campos, Budget Director, Senate Ways and Means Committee
            Justin Sterritt, Budget Director, House Ways and Means Committee
            Catharine Hornby, Assistant Secretary for Budget, Administration and Finance


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